Thursday, 8 November 2007

Paper Bauble Tutorial

Supplies: 4 1/2" x 12" Double Sided Designer Series Patterned Paper (Holiday thyme)
15” length of Ribbon (Cranberry Crisp Stitched Grosgrain)
Paper Cutter & Paper Snips
Brads (Earth Elements)
1/8” Hand Held Circle Punch or paper piercer/Mat pack

Step By Step Tutorial

Step 1. Cut 7 strips of 4½” x 1” patterned paper
(if you are alternating patterns use an even number of strips),
In this case I use 6.

Step 2. Punch a hole at both ends of the stacked together papers.

Step 3. Double over the ribbon

Step 4. Push ribbon through one hole
and then the other

Step 5. Pull ribbon through to get desired loop length
& a C shape in the papers

Step 6. Insert the brad between the ribbon at both ends
(don’t secure to tightly or it will be hard to fan out the bauble in Step 7. )

Step 7. Fan the Bauble out

Have fun creating!
& keepstamping!


Nadine said...

I can't wait to give these baubles a go!

Belinda said...

How cute and quick, thanks for sharing this one, I'll definitely be trying it.