Monday, 31 March 2008

Open Home

These were the make-n-takes for my farewell Penrith/open home. I just want to thank everyone who made it here, over 70 cards & bag-a-lopes were made WOW! imagine what they would look like all together!
I was overwhelmed by your well wishes, kind words, flowers & gorgeous cards you made -I feel very special! I just want to quote a bit from some of the cards, that really touched my heart & brought tears to my eyes.
Thankyou for the lovely inspiration.
I have cherished the time we have spent together.
Thankyou for sharing your wonderful talent with me.
Thankyou so much for everything, your generous & caring spirit.
Thankyou for you valuable help.
Thanks for introducing this enjoyable craft known as stamping, I enjoy this so much.
Thankyou for bringing the beauty of this craft into my life. You are stamped in my heart forever. (this one made me cry)
Most of all thankyou for your friendship. (I feel the same way)
I have gained so many beautiful friends since I started with Stampin' Up! & I am so thankful for meeting & getting to know you all, I am truly blessed to have your friendship & look forward to keeping you inspired with Stampin' Up!
I want to reply to each & everyone of you & will do when I have settled into my new home on the Gold Coast. But for now I just want to say, I feel appreciated, loved & am honoured you think so much of me, I tried my best to keep you all inspired & happy, thankyou from the bottom of my heart! xo

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