Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Priceless 3"x3" box

In the past few weeks I have seen many tutorials for the love note box's on various sites & in the process of looking was inspired by this set. So here is how I made the box;

Step 1.
Cut a piece of Card Stock 5 1/4" squared & score 1" on each side. You will do the same for the lid but cut this piece of Card Stock 2/16" bigger.

Step 2.
Once you have stamped (I wheeled), cut all 4 sides to the 1"as shown on pic.

Step 3.
Bone fold to get a crisp edge on all scored lines & apply snail or double sided tape (it is stronger) to each 1" corner as shown in pic.

Step 4. Turn box over & adhere together, Follow these steps for the lid, but remember to cut the lid that 2 16" bigger. If you would like a window in the lid, heres how;

Cut a circle out of the centre of the lid.
Cut a square 3"piece of contrasting Card Stock & cut a slightly smaller circle out of the centre if it.
I adhered a 3" square piece of Cello from the SU bags first & then the contrasting piece ontop of that, you will just need to finish the assembling as above.

Have fun making love notes to pop inside these -you should fit 4 in this size box, but this may vary depending on how you embelish the cards. If you need a deeper box just adjust the measurements accordingly, if you have any questions or need further instructions please email me.

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Anonymous said...

These boxes are divine. I will have to give these a try. Keep up the good work.