Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Blog Award

I am delighted to recieve this Blog Award -Thankyou Debbie, since you first left a comment on my blog I have also enjoyed your blog & have been inspired by your beautiful creations! I have to say & apologize as I was also nominated a while back & was also tagged by Carol and to was not familiar on blogging tagging or awards, a belated thankyou Carol.

Yes this is the hard part -to nominate who to recieve this award, the following blogs I find very inspirational & informative;

Alana - great ideas & colourful! -makes me step outside my conservative square of colour combo's.

Angela - my wonderful upline!

Claire -Amazing scrapbooker as well!

Jayne - Simplicity with a wow!

Teneale -exquisite!

Since I'm here posting, I will leave you with these gorgeous "Fabulous Flowers" Angels I made on the weekend that hang beautifully in our tree. I first saw this on Alana's blog & again today on Jayne's, click here for instructions & to visit the talented creator. I added a pretties flower on the Pixie Pink one & both have a crystal bead for the Halo's.


Ramona Michaluk said...

What a fantastic idea for a Christmas Tree decoration - simply beautiful!

Kellie said...

OH I wish I had of found them sooner they are just lovely! And would even make really nice Christmas gifts....Must keep them in mind....Yeah right who am I kidding, lol. They are very beautiful though.