Friday, 31 July 2009

Creative cardmaking & papercraft

That's my cheers card on the front cover & inside are 2 double pages "Oh baby" & another 3 single pages. (pg 58 is not my card -a boo-boo in publishing!) I'll show the cards individually over the next month as I have so many cards to post using the new Spring mini products & want to show you those first. You could check out the magazine at a newsagent in the meantime as it has other SU cards in it including my uplines Angela Sargeant, who is also on the cover.


Sue said...

Well done Petronela! You deserve every credit you get for such beautiful work. Very inspirational! Keep it coming!

Jenny H. said...

Congratulations Petronela!! I picked up this magazine in the newsagent the other day and say your cards. They are great. Well Done!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your famous now! Congratulations Nella, its a great achievement and well deserved. Marina