Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Cherry on Top Award

It's such a nice suprise to recieve a blog award & this one was passed on to me by Andrea L, Thanks Andrea & apologies for taking so long to post. Now I have to tell you 3 things I love about myself & share a favourite pic, so here goes: I love my life -I have an amazing family & am very blessed. I love that I am a mum -Teya is such a wonderful daughter & finally I just love being me, even though I'm a little fussy at times, LOL.
Now here's a pic I love of Teya in her first Tutu (she has accumulated a few since then!)
 Port Macquarie 2007
Now I  pass this award onto another 5 beautiful Blogs:


Karen said...

Hi Nela!

Thanks for the blog award! So sweet of you!:)


Patrice said...

What a lovely surprise! You've made my day...thanks so much.

Love that pic of Teya in her little pink tutu :o)


Renée M-B. said...

How sweet is Teya ;-)