Thursday, 31 March 2011

SAB finishes today :-( & blog awards ;

Before SAB ends I wanted to show a couple of more cards, I can't remember where I got the inspiration for the first card (stamping the owls & then popping one up) but I loved it & had to case. The gorgeous "Bliss" card was made by Tracey my downline,  an inspiration to me for scrapbooking.

My apologies for being a slack blogger since my pc crashed & I lost everything! it's been a long and slow process getting 4 yrs of work back up to date. Anyway I still have been creating madly, running classes/workshops regularly but haven't been posting all projects on my blog or even visiting all the blogs that inspire me, so lots of catching up to do!

I have received 2 blog awards this month & am very thankful for those, it's nice to know my blog is inspiring even though it's very basic, LOL. On my very long to do list I have written monetize blog! which I hope to do soon so it's much more user friendly & you can look at projects categorized.
This first award was given to me by Suzie, thank you so much Suzie for this award & your kind words, I am now a follower of your beautiful blog.
The Liebster Blog, which translate from German, into 'Dearest Blog' is designed to bring attention to new blogs, or blogs with fewer than 300 followers & I must pass this on to 3 talented Stamper blogs that I admire.
I was beaten to the post! I had all intention passing this award onto Renee for JDV House 
hmm wonder if it's ok to get an award twice in this situation?
A couple of other I'd like to pass onto are Angie & Wendy

This next award was given to me by Fiona, such a beautiful person & blog, thanks Fi, xx
And very quickly 8 things about myself are; 
I create best under pressure
I eat way to much
I love wine & dislike beer
I spend to much money on beautiful things including stamps! I still haven't mounted some!
I prefer giving rather than receiving
I'm a tad fussy
I stamp 'till 3am alot! therefore not a morning person, when I wake up I so look like a frog, LOL, I often wish I could trade places with my cat so I can laze around & cat nap without feeling guilty.
I need coffee to wake up! "no coffee no workie"

I pass this one to Claire, Teneale & Chiaki
gorgeous creations & inspirations.

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