Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Showered with gifts!

Matt came home with gifts for his girls! We missed him & he us during his recent trip to Las Vegas, New Orleans, London, France, Switzerland, & I can't remember where else. We are very spoilt but loved it.

 These are some of mine, I can't believe I got more, some runners, a wind/rain jacket, an outfit from Gap & some dress jewellery as well!!! very unexpected.

I had to wait to post this pic, 'till Teya's Birthday as she often checks my blog & would have seen some of gifts. How gorgeous is the bomber jacket he purchased in France. We are blessed to have such a wonderful husband/father & one who is a great shopper.

Look what's inside the Tiffany box's!


Patrice said...

I spotted the Tiffany's packaging! Awesome gifts, lucky girls. How fabulous that Matt has such good taste and loves to shop!

Fiona Harrison said...

Lucky girls. I have to buy my own presents, but at least I get to go I suppose. Maybe I'll get Tiffany for my 50th LOL
Enjoy, you deserve to be spoilt.

Hank Hendricks said...

So precious gift. Really appreciate it.

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