Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter traditions

 Wax resist dyed eggs -a beutiful tradition for easter in Croatia. Are they not amazing? a real art to create. Over 250 were made for Caritas by my sisters friend who has continued the this Croatian tradition -the true spirit of Easter. The eggs need to be white to take the colour but I love the texture of just the waxed ones (when you dye the eggs after painting with wax it melts & resists the colour). The painting is done with a special needle & to see the hand move to form the patterns is something else. It will be difficult to crack these beauties but the tradition & game we play is to each have an egg to bang together with each other, if it cracks you eat it & the one that dosen't keeps cracking the others & is then the winner, I hope I am so I can keep mine for  a bit to admire & apparently after some time it becomes hollow as long it has no cracks.
 A weaved Easter basket I made for Teya's easter egg hunt & pic of it full after she hunted, it held together real well!


Trish *Spring Blossom* said...

Gosh those eggs are just beautiful and they look like they would have taken a lot of time to create!!
I like your egg cracking tradition :)

Carole said...

just love those eggs they look beautiful :)