Friday, 7 December 2012

Lip gloss teachers/ friends gifts

 I found in Myer Benefit 6 pack of mini lip gloss's for $49 & thought I would come up with individual packaged gifts. These were the first pack of 6 I bought & made for Teya's dance teachers but Matt spotted them & thought he would like them for his managers wives so they were gifted to them at a work dinner we had. I went & bought another pack & had less time so came up with the "Scentsational Season" decorated ones below which did go to Teya's dance teachers, I liked how quick & cute these ones turned out so that led to the Lindt Chocolate gift cards in the previous post where you can follow the tutorial. The insert for the lip gloss is actually from the pack that I cut down to fit & I punched a 3/4" hole which fitted the lid of the lip gloss nicely. The bottom ones are sunblock Ella Bache bought from DJ's in a 3 pack for $29 & those being a little taller I packaged using the Petal Card Double Punch & the window sheet tube that measures 4 1/4" x 4 1/2" scored at 1", 2", 3" & 4", sticky strip to assemble & only on the bottom petal card punch. The top holds in place by wrapping a strip of dsp or CS & the ribbon runs through the inside, looped to create a hanger & knotted at the top & bottom so you can open & close the lid without tearing the box. I hope this helps if you like this idea & want to make some yourself.


Fiona Harrison said...

I make lotions and was wondering how I could package a single bottle. The window sheet box is fab. Great job.

Wendy Reed said...

These are just adorable. Thanks so much for sharing